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DryGair News and Articles – June 2022

Hello Guest,
Happy Independence Day and Canada Day!
The DryGair team would like to extend warm greetings to our N. American customers, partners and friends.

Preparing for Cultivate ‘22
As always, we look forward to taking part in Cultivate. It’s always a great conference, bringing together industry leaders and innovators. It’s a privilege to take part!

We’ll be sharing a booth with our partners Bellpark Horticulture, located at stand number 2741. The stand will include our latest DG-X unit, so you can check it out in person.

Cultivate ‘22 will take place on July 16th-19th, in Columbus, Ohio. Interested in scheduling a meeting beforehand? Please contact us at
A New Way to Grow
During GreenTech Amsterdam, we had the honor of presenting our new concept for greenhouse growing – ‘A New Way to Grow’. This innovative concept was developed in order to optimize greenhouse growing and save energy (50-70% on average), and is already successfully carried out in many greenhouses across Europe.

‘A New Way to Grow’ is based on closing the greenhouse and spreading thermal screens, using efficient LED lighting, and of course, to control humidity from inside the greenhouse using DryGair.


By utilizing this concept, growers can improve their climate control and provide ideal conditions for their plants.

Insulating the greenhouse with thermal screens lets growers significantly reduce heating needs, while LED lights make up for the lost sunlight, and improve growth.

Operating this way would lead to very high humidity, traditionally. However, DryGair allows growers to reduce humidity from inside the greenhouse. So you can utilize these highly effective techniques, without having to worry about humidity!

‘A New Way to Grow’ lets you:
  • Optimize growing conditions for better yields
  • Save energy – 50-70% on average
  • Prevent diseases and mildews organically
  • Reduce fungicide and spray use
Visiting an Advanced Dutch Greenhouse
The day before GreenTech, we took growers from around the world on a tour to Hartog Palmen, an innovative kentia palm greenhouse outside of Amsterdam. During the visit, our guests learned about advanced greenhouse cultivation and climate control. We got to see DryGair units in action, and of course, to present our new growing concept.

We will be organizing another tour next year, so make sure to look out for it!
Thank You GreenTech Amsterdam
Thank you GreenTech! It’s been a long time since our entire industry was able to get together under one roof, and we’ve definitely missed it. These 3 days were filled with interesting conversations, ideas, and of course, a lot of old and new faces.

During GreenTech Amsterdam, our very own Ziv Shaked was interviewed by Romy Stuik of Paprika Tasty Radio. The two discussed what DryGair does, how it benefits greenhouse and indoor growers, and how it saves over 50% on energy. Hear the full interview here
Hydroponics Edition
Do You Need a Dehumidifier for Hydroponics?
Hydroponic farming, whether in a greenhouse, or indoor grow room, generates large amounts of moisture. When gone unchecked, high humidity can damage the plants, cause diseases and molds, and slow down their development. What’s the best way to control humidity in hydroponic farms, and what are the alternatives?
Hydroponic Climate Control – Greenhouse & Indoor
Hydroponic climate control is similar to any other type of controlled environment agriculture. However, the lack of soil presents new challenges, and carries more risk. So, the need for tight control over all growing aspects, including climate parameters, is much greater. So, what do you need to know to optimize hydroponic climate control?

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